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How It Works

If you’re an agent in referral, want to keep your license active, and don’t want to pay MLS Fees, Board Fees, Sentrilock Fees, and E&O Insurance,  (over $2500*), you can hang your real estate license with Norkus Referrals and pay as little as $79** annually. Once you’ve signed up, you can refer anyone looking to buy or sell  residential or commercial property in the United States to the real estate agent of your choosing by using our secure, convenient forms. When the  sale is settled, you’ll receive your agreed-upon referral fee.


*higher or lower depending on jurisdiction
**does not include state license fees

Hang Your License With Norkus Referrals


By signing up with Norkus Referrals, you can:

  • Keep your license active
  • Earn substantial passive income
  • Pay only minimal annual dues
  • Refer any buyer/seller in the country
  • Refer individuals or corporations
  • Refer residential or commercial properties
  • Pay no real estate association fees
  • Pay no MLS fees
  • Pay no fees for errors & omissions
  • Pay no sentrilock fees
  • Have access to convenient forms
  • Get customized business cards
  • Receive a newsletter with relevant real estate news

How to Join

MARYLAND AGENTS: You may transfer your license online. Under Features, select Change Your Information or Status. Select Make the Following Changes Online – Electronic Licensing, and make the changes inside of the application. You will need to log in with your registration number and password. Once inside the application, enter your new broker’s registration number  006344 in the sections that reads,“You may transfer the brokerage or branch office your license is currently affiliated with here.”  Leave Branch office blank

Frequently Asked Questions

Norkus Referrals charges a flat fee of $500 per transaction.

For Example:

$400,000 Settlement

$12,000 Commission

$3000 Referral

$2500 To Norkus Referral Agent

$500 To Norkus Referral Broker

This is negotiable between the agents involved. Most agents around our market area, ask for referrals between 25% to 35%

You can refer to any licensed real estate agent, residential or commercial

You can refer anywhere in the United States

You can refer to any company or brokerage that is licensed

If you need help finding an agent, email us, we can help

Yes . You are still active and must do the classes required by your state or jurisdiction.

Periodically, we host continue education classes at a discounted rate. Members will be informed by email and/or newsletters

Any Question, Email us

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